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AI Resource Management

Affordable – Deployable – Scalable

Who are we?

Board of directors

Thomas Wendt


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Alan Larson


Werner Van Den Abeelen

Product Development & Manufacturing

Susanne Richard

Google &
IoT Partnerships

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What do we do?

Using AI & Machine Learning
to Optimize Resource Management
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Breakthroughs
•  Using AI and IIoT to manage  Microgrids
•  Affordable AI & ML Hardware
•  On-premise Real-time demand adjustments
•  AI driven security locks down vulnerabilities
•  Using Machine Learning for Risk Reduction

We use AIs to maximize benefits from peak shaving, load leveling & tariff avoidance

Removes the guess work by matching demand to microgrid generation & storage

Ability to minimize energy costs while maximizing human comfort & security

Competitive Advantage

Bringing AI capabilities to the Energy Management market is an important differentiator making systems proactive verses reactive

Axion energy management solutions bring big market capabilities to smaller markets.

Our products offer a superior price performance ratio.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Smart Analytics are embedded in the processor.

The platform offers multi-faceted built-in security.

Predictive Forward Control™ to optimize energy savings and maintain equipment health:

Hardware Product Family

Industry AI Hardware
For Energy & Resource Management




Business Case

Energy & Resource Management

Optimizing efficiencies by running thousands of scenarios per second and making micro-adjustments to the system using Artificial Intelligence and constantly improving through Machine Learning.  

What it does

Industrial-IoT (IIoT) & Machine Learning Captures Data from

Machine Learning to

Uses Artificial Intelligence

Billling Application for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Smart Analytics reporting on Microgrid performance & energy consumption


For investment opportunities please contact:
David C. Cruver, Business Development

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